Payroll CRM


A leading Payroll Solution Company based in the UK was looking for a Technology Partner. The directors of the company were strong into their business domain but were falling behind in technology. The company had got their product developed with another provider and they were not happy with the quality of the product developed along with the services provided for management of the product in a production environment.

The product had a lot of issues like slow performance, an unstructured approach for development, no dedicated approach towards client satisfaction.

Due to these technology management overheads, the company was coming faced a major distraction and was unable to focus on their core business functions.


After consultation with the company, Vedlogic suggested a solution to hire a dedicated team for the process. The purpose was to introduce a dedicated team for the client that can take care of all their software development and management needs. This would help the company reduce their need to manage the technological aspect, as it was removed from their key business functions.

As a strategic decision between Vedlogic and the company, a four-member team, including a Technical Manager and three Senior Developers were recruited to meet the requirements. In addition to this, Vedlogic management would provide necessary high-level strategic guidance to the client on all occasions. The team was recruited with skills around PHP and Open Source platform excellence because old systems were developed using the PHP and legacy implementation. However, the view was agreed that new team will convert systems to Laravel framework in near future.

The newly-recruited team was able to take over from the old provider successfully and they gained the system’s technical and functional knowledge well. At times, where knowledge transfer was not available, the team acquired knowledge on their own thorough analysis of code and database review. In a reasonable shorter duration, the Vedlogic team became quite comfortable with the product knowledge and were in better control to start doing enhancements, bug fixes and provide technical support.

As the old system was implemented in a very unstructured way it had affected performance and created a lot of bugs. In just a few months, the Vedlogic team was able to re-write few of the sub-systems with new technologies. They were written in a structured way so that the sub-systems from old systems could be made obsolete and clients using older sub-systems were migrated to the newer ones. With this implementation, the company observed drastic improvements through newly-developed sub-systems and agreed to re-write all sub-systems in mid future.


Major relief to the company in short duration. They started seeing good results from the team.

A real dedicated team, giving the same benefits as it is their own development centre.

No infrastructure cost to the company as Vedlogic was providing tech support.

The client could plan any work for their team without pre-agreeing scope and cost because they have full control over their team and at no extra charge.

Extremely talented team was available to the client to make smart decisions and provided quick to market situation with new system changes.

Most importantly, the team gained very good control of both old and new systems. This way a major headache of support was very much in control. Vedlogic was able to provide dedicated support and keep end users happy.