August 23, 2018


With our team’s decades of experience in the IT industry, the hands-on experience of Vedlogic is tremendous on multiple business domains, technologies, process models, certifications, compliances, business strategies, latest trends and many more such skill sets.

Be it setting up Software Development Processes, Project Management Processes, Information Security, Product Development, Testing & Automation and from most of our service portfolio, we carry the level of expertise where we can work as an Advisor/Consultant to our clients and provide valued advice for getting best from their investments in to the IT. We help our Clients to get maximum ROI towards their investment by leveraging our wider skill set and experience in the field of IT Industry.

We specialise in providing consulting to CXOs of small and medium-sized organisations.

Challenges & Approach

Is your business growing at fact pace but you are finding it difficult to manage your systems to cope up with rapid growth?
Many businesses do not focus more on Systems & its streamlined management until the user base significantly increases. However, such situations cause sudden & uncontrollable issues and starts creating bigger issues to the business. It also starts customer dissatisfaction & damaging the brand reputation. It becomes too late for such organisation to get in shape again. We have experience on dealing with such client requirements and with our consulting services, we have successfully been able to bring back the smooth operations for clients by means of assessing their key problem areas and then helping them on solving one by one issues depending on their severity & priorities.
You are at a beginner stage for developing your business and systems, you want to set the right base to accomodate growth seamlessly?
We like and appreciate such clients. That is how one should be. When you are growing, it is the best time to invest maturely in setting up base right. Making major overhauling changes at later stage, multiplies the cost of changes, messy situations and very difficult situations for surviving on business too. We have best experience of consulting and providing our services to such growing clients. We have helped many such clients to incorporate correct strategies from beginning itself. Some of the key example of our consulting service are – Define Organisations policies & procedures, project management practices, quality standards, development life cycle and standards, measure improvements on ongoing basis and add continuous improvements.
You do not have a control on timely system deliveries and quality of your systems changes?
This kind of trouble is generally faced due to lack of process model not adopted correctly or not adopted at all. Our consultants are experts on project management and process models. With our consulting service, we help clients on implementing processes on software development, project management and throughout the organisation. With our help, many clients have seen drastic improvements on quality of their systems and timely release of system changes. It has reduced their time to go to the market significantly
You see a major improvement required to secure your systems and data?
With everything moving to virtualisation, online and digital, majority of businesses face a concern of their systems and customer data not being secure. We expertise in providing Consulting to our clients on how they can secure their systems, customer data and their hosting infrastructure. As a part of consulting, we assess client’s processes, systems, data exchange with third parties, hosting infrastructure, data storage pattern etc. Based on that we identify the gap and we then suggest improvement for each such assessed criteria. As an additional services, we help clients to implement the suggested changes too.
Have you always felt that having an IT partner can help a lot to leverage more from your IT investments in to your business?
If you are a businessman and not a technology expert, there is nothing wrong. You shall leave expert work to experts and focus on your expertise as a businessman. Rather than hiring own technology team, there are always great benefits of taking consulting services. We provide such consulting service to many business who have Technology dependent business/ideas. We as a IT consulting partner, take care of every strategy and decisions that can help the client to remain focussed on their own business and still their every of their IT work gets done smoothly. As a consultant, our teams are very capable and can act as Technical Director / Technical Architect / Delivery Director or mide level skills too. Our consulting services can help you starting from recruiting your team, training them and making them performing along with taking care of your systems and processes.