July 17, 2018



Regardless of the industry or niche area in which you’re operating, building and maintaining quality relationships with customers should remain one of the core factors for your success. This may not be the challenge or priority of a local store that knows exactly who it is dealing with, but as operations grow in complexity and business expands, the need for a digitized solution simply imposes itself.

Business problems can come in many forms, some of which are quite apparent, others which only pops up when unforeseen events occur. If you are facing any of the following problems like:

1. Your higher management team is not able to provide quick and accurate data on pipeline sales or opportunities.

2. The best practices followed by a group of employees is difficult to replicate elsewhere.

3. You are lacking data to exploit the opportunity.

4. Churning out the ratio of customers is higher than industry standards or your immediate competitors

5. Your teams work in isolations and you want that your team become better organized and more efficient with increasing collaboration.

6. Wants to develop a more effective lead generation strategy.

7. You understand the benefits of CRM solution but data security is a major concern for you.

8. You don’t have a huge budget to develop a customized ERP and don’t want to wait for the longer duration to develop and implement an ERP

If your answer is YES for any of the two/three points above: a right CRM software can help your business to grow exponentially. To suggest, implement and maintain abest-fittedd CRM / ERP, Vedlogic takes an organic approach to implement a CRM / ERP solution. We don't view it as an install and forget operation. We take an organic approach with each implementation to talk to key players in the organization and weave everyone's needs into a solution to blanket your business in the perfect solution

Selecting a best CRM that Works for You

Imagine your CRM as a new car. Would you go to the factory, and bolt all the required parts together to make the car? No, you don't. Your time or your teams time is too valuable to figure out how parts fit together, what each part does, where they should go and how it can benefit you. Whilst you're doing that, you're not growing your business, ramping up cost, and, more than likely, get it wrong!

In reality, you go to a number of car dealers, check their offering, do a test drive and discuss and define your specs (engine size, interior, exterior, options, etc). You then decide on your car, place the order and the car is built for you. You then return once all parts have been fitted - whilst you are out making money - receive the key, and drive off. Sometimes, depending on the car, they take you out for a training session to ensure you understand the power and capability of your shiny new car!

We understand the business processes and challenges faced by the customer and provide a best technology solution which fits into your needs and come up with a roadmap which is mutually beneficial and cost effective. Once you as a client, understands the roadmap and is able to visualize the benefits we help them choose the right tools to develop the desired systems.

Our solution services include:

1. Business Process Understanding.

2. Understanding of current technology systems (if any).

3. Identification of gaps in the processes and technology systems.

4. Strategy and Business Process Reengineering

5. Analysing the gaps and proposing the right cloud platforms as per the needs.

6. Right implementation approach for the successful delivery of the solution.

7. Monitoring, Maintenance, and Support