August 23, 2018


Overview of Open Source (PHP & LAMP Stack) Technologies

Databases are the heart and integral part of any software and platform. We carry hands-on experience of Designing, Developing and Managing Database solutions thanks to our team’s decade-long experience of working on varied sized projects and products.

We develop Database Solutions that are robust, well designed and easy to configure. Majority of the software solutions require reconfigurability, extensibility, scalability and most importantly higher performance.

We always keep ourselves up to date with latest trends in the industry with new innovations that happen around Database Solutions and Tools & Techniques. We keep adding newer capabilities to our skill portfolio on regular basis.

Database Design, Development & Optimisation

We have extensive experience of database development ranging from simple SQL programming to writing complex stored procedures, cursors, triggers, scheduler functions and so on. Our skilled team can optimise database programming to deliver the best performance. For this, we follow best development practices and use tools & techniques that help on detecting error-prone code or the code that can lead to the bad performance of database when the program run.

Database Administration & Architecture

In addition to Database Development skills, our teams are also expert on Database Administration. With our Database Administration capabilities, we have been able to provide highly sophisticated solutions to our clients that require complex hosting structure, fail over, replication, scheduled backups, continuous performance monitoring and alerting of Database usage.

Database Migration & Upgrades

It is a common need in the industry to upgrade to newer versions of databases to benefits from the latest technological offerings. Sometimes, it also becomes mandatory to upgrade because the current version is going obsolete. We have experience of many such upgrades and our structured way of executing such projects have helped our clients with great results of the right quality.

We have also worked on a lot of database migration projects from one technology to another. Such migrations require a thorough and thoughtful plan and perfect execution. We have helped many clients with our innovative approaches and have executed such migration projects very seamlessly. We always ensure the least downtime, no performance impact to current system users and calculated rollback plan. We also consider data integrity as a prime focus factor when we execute such projects.

Databases we are expert on


MS-SQL, MySQL, SQLite, Oracle, PostgresSQL

Document Database:

MongoDB, CouchDB, CosmosDB

Key-value Database: