May 20, 2020



We Understand eCommerce

We know what can drive the growth of eCommerce using digital platform. From crafting intuitive designs that turn your visitors into customers to writing code that ensure better security, our expertise makes a difference everywhere.Launch your new online store in style with trusted and experienced development company.


We know entire eCommerce spectrum

When imagining a new eCommerce website, it’s easy to get confused with the various platforms available, which is why Vedlogic, the leading eCommerce website development company is trusted by its customers.

With our years of expertise, we can leverage the strengths of each platform and deliver eCommerce stores that provide easier browsing, better basket features and faster checkout. This will make for a smooth and satisfying shopping experience that your customers will be sure to appreciate which will in turn improve your conversion rate.


Flexible, user-friendly and secure are just three words to describe our Magento development end-products. Vedlogic, well known for its top-class ecommerce development services, brings you flawless, reliable and cost-effective web solutions.


The most popular eCommerce platform, complete with all its features and ready to grow your business. Our deeper understanding of Shopify ensures you can really make the most of this eSales sensation.


The powerful eCommerce functionalities of WooCommerce brought to your web store by Vedlogic. Whether you are looking for theme integration, plugin integration or plugin development, we can meet all of your requirements with the best development strategies to give you your perfect online store.


OpenCart is a powerful content management system used in eCommerce website development for small to medium size businesses. OpenCart is open source platform and comes with search engine friendly features.

Custom development

Looking for something that’s mobile responsive and fully customized? We know how to make your eCommerce store stand out. At Vedlogic, we are a highly skilled company in which our team works with you to understand your eCommerce needs and help to create a bespoke eCommerce solution for your business.

Services we offer in eCommerce

We are more than just developers. We have number of specialists who are highly skilled in providing ecommerce services. Our offerings include support, development, web design, digital marketing and hosting for all ecommerce solutions. We work collaboratively with our clients to understand their business objectives, need from online store.


Create Show-stopping Designs That Inspire Action
It all starts with a great customer experience! Our UI/UX designers combine unrivalled creativity with technical expertise to create smart, responsive, high-performing eCommerce stores that are captivating and easy-on-the-eyes.


Build an Unshakeable Digital Presence
With our unparalleled expertise, we can help you create high-earning, customer-centric digital commerce solutions that are simple, smart, and intuitive. Whether it’s B2B or B2C, the stores we create goes a long way in fulfilling our clients’ needs. We have experience working with all leading payment gateways, theme development and integrations, plug-ins integration for leading eCommerce platforms, migration of eStore from one platform to other.


Consulting That Leads You in Right Direction
We combine time-tested methodologies with real-world perspective to help you take informed decisions that drives growth, revenue and eCommerce success. Our expert consultants are highly experienced and technically sound to guide you in the right direction.

API Integration

Connecting the Dots to Maximize Automation & Efficiency
We can help you integrate APIs of your custom applications to your existing eCommerce platform. This will enable you automate a lot of complex processes giving space for growth and innovation.

Maintenance & Support

Enjoy Stress-free Round-the-clock Support & Maintenance throughout All Seasons
A team of highly-trained experts at your disposal to help you manage your store efficiently so that it delivers engaging shopping experience throughout all seasons. Our experts will take care of all the technicalities so that you can focus on what you do best: business!

A Flexible Approach When Time Really Matters

Every business is different and requires a different approach. Part or full time, hourly hiring, we are at your service to deliver solutions in the time frames that work for you.

Part-time Hiring
Full-time Hiring
Hourly Hiring