August 23, 2018

Information Security

Information Security is not only a buzz word in the industry today, but it is a real pain that every organisation is concerned about. With our experience on multiple projects and client services, our capabilities span across everything related to Information Security.

We know how to best apply Process Models in the organisation that enables Clients to have their systems developed & tested with best security standards followed. Having worked with ISO 27001-2013, ISO 9001-2015, PCI DSS, GDPR compliance regulations, we know in and out of what is required to secure Client’s systems, their customer data and how to keep them always in a preventive and alerting mode to save them from any Security Breaches.
We provide our implementation services as well as special consulting service for managing Information Security for clients.

Challenges & Approach

Are you always concerned of security of your systems?
With wider range of Security Threats possible today, no organisation can claim that their systems are fully secure unless they have implemented them carefully with all knowledge. If you have developed your systems and business is running & earning well with it, it is very important that you ensure that your systems are full proof from security threats. We are able to fully assess your systems and able to identify gaps/vulnerabilities that can lead your systems to compromises. We provide solutions to fix the gaps as well.
Are you concerned of security of data of your customers?
Seuring Systems is not just enough, it is very important to secure data of customers at every levels (be it from external threats OR within organisation). We have experience and expertise on how data security to keep in place. Data should always be stored/exchanged in a secure way and with autentication/authorization/dual-authorisation basis, we can help you to protect your customer data with all precise evaluation and implementation.
Have you faced fraudulant activities on your system and keen on putting preventive measures?
Avoiding frauds is not just a technical issue. It requires well thought functional implementations in your system too. We expertise on implementing security measures within system, technical code, architecture and hosting infrastructure to avoid frauds and security breaches at every levels. For example, Dual Authorisation, Data Change Audit Logs, unusual type of user activities tracking/alerting and many more such controling measures can be implemented to track/detect/prevent Frauds at a very early stage.
Do you know what it takes to secure your systems & data?
You may well accept that you want to secure your systems and customer data. But, you may not know from where to start. We can be of perfect help to you on such occasions. We can go through end to end assessment of your systems and can help you to completely overhaul your systems and infrastructure by means of additional development and processes introduced that fully comply with industry recommended security standards.
Does your business require you to undergo mandatory compliance like GDPR, ISO 27001, PCI DSS?
We can perfectly help you on such occations because we have worked on these compliances very closely and have delivered successful results. We are well versed with processes and implementation requirements to comply with these Standards. Our secure development best practices, data security experience and advanced level usage of tools & techniques makes us a good choice for our clients. Our secure coding & testing guidelines comprises of OWASP, SANS Top 25 as a de facto standard.
Are you able to monitor your Systems against vulnerabilities and external hacking/attacks on them?
We have experience of working with wide range of tools and techniques that makes us right choice. We can help you on how you can monitor/prevent security attacks and we can also provide precise inputs on where your systems or infrastructure can be compromised. We not only help on detecting vulnerabilities, we can also help you on fixing them with right solution
Do you lack skills to adopt information security in your organisation?
Putting Security at front is a mind set, most of the organisation neglect them until they face major issues and incur big loses on revenue, brand reputation etc. We can help and guide you to implement security at every stages within your organisation and for your systems. We believe in developing a culture to have security kept at frong while dealing with anything related to your systems.