August 23, 2018

Priority ERP


Priority Software is an international pioneer in ERP solutions, offering an ERP package that is rich in functionality, fully integrative, simple to implement and easy to maintain. Priority’s vision is to empower businesses of all sizes with a comprehensive, flexible, and simple business management solution that increases profitability and efficiency. To date, over 7,000 companies across a wide range of industries in 40 countries rely on Priority’s solutions. As part of their mission to make ERP easier and to provide an affordable alternative to complicated and expensive solutions offered by better-known giant brands, Priority makes a point to innovate with changing technology, such as full support for mobile and the cloud. Priority’s large ecosystem of dozens of business partners around the world speak of its commitment to provide reliable and quality products and services at the highest level.

Priority-ERP On-Premises Solution

Priority-ERP solution comes as a On-Premises solution with thick client but it also provides a thin client, that is web-based option. To use the ERP solution in local intranet network, a customer has to use their own infrastructure and platform in their premises. It can also be installed on cloud server by hiring IaaS and PaaS service provider and software can be used from anywhere. It gives flexibility to its user to access data on the server from any location in the world.


Priority-ERP provides its own platform to customise the solution as per customer needs. Priority-ERP users can customise either standard forms, tables or built-in functionality or add completely new forms, tables and functionality as a module and extend it to accommodate their needs. Priority-ERP uses MS-SQL Server as a back-end and provides its own set of tools to develop or modify existing functionality using SQLI, a light and modified version of SQL. Reports and Forms can also be modified using table designer and SQLI.


Priority is the first application in the ERP arena to support a single-integrated solution for all your operational needs, including a document management tool for browsing files and folders that looks and works just like traditional on-premise file and folder management systems, such as Windows Explorer. Powerful synchronisation capabilities with your Gmail or Outlook mailbox eliminate the need to maintain your own mail server for the organisation. Whether installed on premise or used in the cloud, you will gain a single, unified security and permission management system, running on a server that is completely immune to virus and Trojan horse attacks, as well as any security vulnerabilities that may exist when multiple platforms are maintained simultaneously.

Flexible and Adaptive

Priority can be easily adapted to specific organisational processes and needs, including multiple languages, currencies, and companies. The system also adjusts to individual users, offering different screens and options for different people and roles. Users enjoy a high level of possibilities for customisation and personalisation options so that everyone’s unique needs are met.

Intuitive and Easy

To fulfil its vision that ERP should be easier, Priority strives to deliver the most comfortable user experience around. The company’s best practices, based on years of experience and customer feedback, are integrated into default processes and procedures that make it easy to start working right away. Priority’s friendly and intuitive UI includes dedicated mobile apps, enabling you to work from any tablet or smartphone, anywhere.

Lowest TCO

Priority is proud to be the most cost-effective ERP solution in the market today. Priority’s flexibility, combined with its commercial and operational model, guarantee the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) compared to any equivalent ERP system. Major savings are enabled in implementation, licensing, maintenance, and internal costs. Furthermore, Priority’s customers enjoy on-time and on-budget projects, so that when you choose Priority you minimise risks.