August 14, 2018

Technical Support

Any great Software, if not backed by proper Technical Support, can easily fail from making business successful. Our teams are very much capable to take care of Technical Support needs of our clients. With a proven history of providing technical support successfully to many clients, we have established good processes and skill sets that makes us a best bet for our clients to designate us as their Technical Support team.

Challenges & Approach

Do you use your core developers or technology staff for technical support?
This is very common scenario for start-ups and sometimes even grown-ups. Utilizing best talent for support is waste and defocus your organization. We help you to design your effective technical support model and deliver beyond the expectations.
Do you operate on 24*7 critical technical support model and effectively benefiting?
24*7 is nowadays common need to any business. Our technical support experts works round the clock and possess good english as communication language. Our Technical Support team has experience working with SLAs, escalation to higher level of Support teams and stay on top until issues get resolved.
Does your technical support team possess desired level of domain/functional knowledge?
Our teams are quick learners and they are experienced with multi-domain functional and technical expertise. It helps them to catch up on any new systems in a shorter time and start providing very efficient technical support with lesser lead time needed.
Are your technical support members having network, IT and cloud knowledge?
We believe that in today’s complex technical solutions, it is very important to know the overall Network, IT and Cloud Network knowledge so that Technical Support team can investigate any issue productively. Our team members posses Technical , Functional as well as all such skills that adds value to the work they do.
Are your technical support members supports only documented or trained tasks?
Our Technical Support members are trained to be hands on, they are surely good at following process based approaches but it is very common in Technology world that requires on spot decisions with applying common sense too. This helps them to handle any typical real-time situations very well.
Do you have levels of technical support than having it as one team capable of doing everything?
Handling all complexities by single group of team members is nevery possible and it is an overkill too. We ideally divide Technical Support role in to multiple escalations so that we can employ right skills on right proposition, otherwise it can become overkill to the business. We obviously prepare our Level 3 support to tackle maximum tasks and then we follow Level 2 and Level 1 escalations depending on medium to complex tasks handline.