August 14, 2018

Application Migration and Legacy Modernization

Any organisations that are successful with their platform developed since few years, always have a legacy carried forwarded. It then becomes inevitable to upgrade to a modern system and getting rid of legacy systems. We have successfully converted many such legacy systems to the modern and stable systems, it also requires migrating data from legacy to modern system then. We very well know the pros & cons to consider while dealing with any such Application Migration or Legacy Modernisation needs of businesses.

Challenges & Approach

Do you know migration is not only DBA project but a combination of DBA and Development?
For majority of application migration, organisations think it wrong. They put only DBA skills to execute the Migration project. We firmly believe that majority of the migration projects can be dealt much better by employing Development skills too. A lot of migration tasks require to develop software utilities to develop that simulates an applicaiton like experience and that enbales to migrate data faster and also with data integrity maintained.
Do you know using intermediate data structure may help migration from one to other platform?
Adding a layer of common data structure helps very much on migrating from one platform to the other. It becomes very easy to de-couple both platforms and handle data migration independently and export/import between platforms can be managed very smoothly with complexities avoided. We take maximum leverage of standard best practices of using popular data structures.
Do your migration scripts run on transactional system and affect performance?
This is the biggest challenge any organisation faces while dealing with migration projects. Having worked on many such projects, we know what are the best approaches to handle migration scripts alongwith no impact to the performance and transactions on real-time production platform.
Does you migration plan contain batches?
Handling migration project smoothly requires properly thought approach. Every migration cannot be dealt in a same manner, a subjective approach on project needs plays a key role to the success. One of the best practice we follow is to cut down the migration activities in to batches rather than doing everything in one go. It helps on ensuring correct migration, verifications, avoid performance impact and complete migration in batches very seamlessly.
While modernizing your Application, have you taken all benefits of new technology offering?
Most of the organisations adopt new technology offerings due to excitement of doing something new and simply adopting it to market themselves as using new cutting edge technologies. Such approach if taken without proper planning, does not really bring any benefit to the organisation and cuses lots of loss on man power effort, license fees etc. We believe in knowing the new technology in depth first, do the detailed research, go through pros/cons and do proof of concept of various things and then only go ahead if it makes perfect sense for business to adopt it. We also ensure that the new technology is stable and also meets future needs for longer duration.