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Cloud & DevOps

Cloud & DevOps Services

Your trustworthy team of Cloud & DevOps developers who thoroughly investigate new software applications and give away master cloud solutions for your business needs

Cloud & DevOps Development Services

Vedlogic offers a plethora of cloud-based technology initiatives which help your business to grow enthusiastically and make a record digital presence with incremented customer approach. With our cloud and DevOps services, you can speed up your cloud operations and workloads while lowering costs, boosting efficiency, and shortening the release management cycle.

Through our partnership, you may expedite the release of new features and functionality, accelerate time to market, and have access to cloud-native architectures that offer scalability, availability, stability, and security.

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DevOps Experts
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Reduced time-to-market
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Improved Workflow

Cloud & DevOps Offerings

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DevOps Engineering

Adaptable to every new programming technology, our team of skilled DevOps engineers pose expertise through varied programming languages from Java, Python, C#, etc.
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Continuous Integration & Delivery

We bridge the DevOps gap through continuous integration & continuous delivery and improve the quality of software with a speedy development lifecycle.
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We assist your business in transforming from DevOps to DevSecOps, by empowering security teams and achieving an unmatched degree of security success for applications within existing CI/CD pipelines.
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App Containerization

Vedlogic initiative of giving a breakthrough to highly modernized DevOps docker solutions ultimately helps your business application to run effectively on servers.
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Cloud App Development

Our expertise involves the designing of future-proof cloud-based applications which stand the need of time and feature cross-browser compatibility.
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Cloud Migration

We effectively collaborate with your IT support team to initiate and manage the required cloud migration and maintenance services needed from time to time.

Benefits Working With Us

Versatile & Fast

We have a proven track record of creating significant software applications using our cloud and DevOps services. Your application is sure for fast processing and versatile performing.

Enhanced App reliability

Our keen-operative development team does not allow any product versioning issues, glitches, or any other problem related to the application’s smooth performance in the longer run.

Team collaboration

It’s a team effort every time from us to create and make your cloud web/mobile application a big success through our rapid structurization and process implementation.

Effective project management

Our Cloud/DevOps solutions are cost-effective. We follow a high-performing, fraud-intolerant, and smooth-running modern app approach for your business model.

Cloud & DevOps Process

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Discovery and Analysis

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Deploy & Operate

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Performance & Monitoring

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Success stories


Interactive Dashboard Application Using React JS

Interactive Dashboard Application Using React JS
The client required a graphical representation of all the included data and required to make a data-centric, interactive, & data-rich dashboard

CMS Website Development for Doctors Recruitment

CMS Website Development for Doctors Recruitment
The customer is a leading medical recruitment agency in the UK, which offers its services across a wide range of doctor grades and specialities

Cost-effective Hybrid Insurance Portal

Cost-effective Hybrid Insurance Portal
The client is a former insurance agent with 20 years of experience in the insurance sector