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Employees Speak

Employees Speak

Read from our employees themselves about their experiences working with Vedlogic

Pratik Shah

Pratik shah

A Must Join Company in India
Vedlogic has given me a challenging and positive work environment which is required for professional growth. Working at Vedlogic brings joy to me and a technology company with a sharp focus on solving problems through team cooperation and moving towards a common vision. I feel delighted to share my views with the team members and take on new learnings on a timely basis. No matter what skills you have, in Vedlogic you are sure to develop in every aspect.
Tarun Dudhatra

Tarun Dudhatra

Best Technology Company In India
Top Management holds a very positive attitude and has a solution-oriented approach to every challenge that comes on the project. I credit Vedlogic for giving me a platform to grow in learning new tech, leading the team, and managing a large project. I will say that Vedlogic is the best place to work for people who have true potential in them and are looking to work in the long run!
Harita Bhavsar

Harita Bhavsar

Number 1 For a Reason
Vedlogic gave wings to my career as a Senior HR manager, and every day is a great working opportunity here in the company. Being a part of the Vedlogic team gives me pride, happiness, and a sense of responsibility at the same time. We have a team of incredibly talented people who have dwelled themselves up into almost every challenge and came out winner, the future is here with Vedlogic!

Nisha Katoch

Care and Well-being of Their Employees
My experience at Vedlogic has been incredible. I feel fortunate to be part of such a dynamic and innovative team, and I'm excited about the future. The management team is fantastic, supportive, inspiring, and always receptive to employee feedback. They genuinely care about the success and well-being of their employees. There are plenty of opportunities for professional growth, and I feel like I'm constantly learning and growing here.

Pranav Mehta

A Work-life Balance
My time at Vedlogic has been incredible. I'm grateful for the opportunities, support, and growth. From day one, I've thrived in the collaborative, innovative environment, impressed by our team's dedication. Continuous support from leadership has contributed to my professional development. Additionally, I appreciate the emphasis on employee well-being and work-life balance.
Kalind Shukla

Kalind Shukla

Perfect Working Place
What to say about Vedlogic, it’s just simply Awesome! My professional experience in the company is highly creative to date. The company gave me a demanding and challenging field of quality analysis which has made various pathways for constant learning. My willingness to learn and timely training sessions, project meetings, and core team discussions became a great path to attaining professional success.

Kirti Kapadiya

Vibrant Culture & Visionary Management
Working at Vedlogic is enriching, defined by vibrant culture fostering innovation. Visionary management actively supports employees, providing transparency and career development opportunities including training and mentorship. Vedlogic values work-life balance, offering flexible arrangements. With a focus on cutting-edge technology and collaborative teamwork, creativity thrives. Joining Vedlogic means being part of a community valuing professional growth and achieving collective success.

Riddhi Antala

Healthy Balance Between Professional and Personal Life
Working at Vedlogic for the past two years has been incredibly rewarding. The company culture is unparalleled, emphasizing collaboration and open communication, fostering a positive environment where everyone's contributions are valued. Vedlogic promotes work-life balance through flexible arrangements, allowing for a healthy balance between professional and personal life.
Bhavin Bhalodia

Bhavin Bhalodia

Exponential Growth in a Short Time
At Vedlogic, I experienced the best working environment, a helpful team, and a tonne of coaching to help me do my tasks, even if they were extremely challenging & demanding. I was introduced to a terrific working culture with learning possibilities on my very first day. I eventually acquired excellent mastery over a variety of technologies. The organization encourages me and even allows me to modify my job profile for a better professional career. I saw myself learning a lot and progressing quickly in my career.

Amit Patel

Best Place to Work
As a long-standing employee, I'm proud to highlight our company's outstanding qualities. We've earned the "Best Place to Work" award for our focus on technical growth, workplace equality, and consistent advancement. Grounded in humility, our dedication ensures a culture of excellence and camaraderie. Our growth reflects resilience and commitment to progress. I'm privileged to be part of this exceptional organization.