Now Hiring: Are you a driven and motivated 1st Line IT Support Engineer?

Be a part of The New Equation.

Our employees are our strength and Vedlogic hence pays strong attention to hiring process and employee specifications. At Vedlogic, we are proud to have a team of experts who enrich the company’s influence to be recognised as a technology biggie.


To qualify for the role you must have:

Experience: 3-7 Years
Skills: Vue,React,Angular
Qualifications: B.E.I.T/B.E.C.E/ Msc.IT/MCA

Your key responsibilities:

Execute tasks assigned to you according to your position using your skill set.

Skills and attributes for success:

•  At least 3-4 years of frontend web development experience using Vue/React/Angular

•  At least 2 year of Vue development experience

•  Experience in Vue 3

•  Good amount of experience with JavaScript ES6 and post ES6 features

•  Experience with Typescript

•  Experience with State Management libraries like Vuex or Pinia or similar

•  Experience with high amount of data rendering and management on frontend side

•  Good communication skills

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