Priority ERP Manufacturing

Business Challenges

Headquartered in New Jersey, USA, is one of our technology partner who is an ERP consulting company with more than 35 years of experience. This partner caters their services from small to giant manufacturing and other business vertical enterprises. Involved in this project was one of their clients, who is a $35 million automobile equipment manufacturer with 500 employees worldwide. It is a global manufacturer and marketer of automobile equipment, replacement parts and accessories for two market segments: commercial vehicles and passenger cars. They have a global manufacturing and distribution footprint and sells its products in more than 17 countries around the world. The client has been live on web-based Priority-ERP solution since 2015 with 140 users for its customer service and sales teams. The client chose web-based Priority-ERP solution not only for its entire set of standard features, but for the unique way Priority-ERP gives it the ability to manage business processes through its configuration and customisation. For instance, tracking the production and sales of counterfeit products or tracking distributors and dealers and their leads is critical to growing the market share.

Business Solution

Vedlogic’s customized implementation of web-based Priority-ERP solution allowed the client to achieve the following:

  • Data Visibility – Varlogic’s customized Priority-ERP solution to allow the client to enter new dealers and distributors into the system as part of its global network, providing visibility into, and data integrity for, all sales channels.
  • System Integration – With the web-based Priority-ERP solution, we developed a central database and integrated the CRM with their existing SAP accounting system. This combination is ensuring better visibility across the organization and improving the consistency of information for all users.
  • Worker Productivity – Through the system integration of Priority-ERP solution and SAP, users were also able to gain automatic system notifications and simplify collaboration by removing repetitive tasks that were required by our client’s legacy systems.
  • Customer Service Process – The client has greatly improved its customer service processes through the robust database—now stored and available with just a few keystrokes within the Priority-ERP solution.

Business Results

The client now regards web-based Priority-ERP solution as a critical component of its business and sales system. With the web-based Priority-ERP solution, the client has been able to achieve the following:

  • Counterfeit Tracking Solution – We used a different approach to harness the power of web-based Priority-ERP solution for counterfeit parts tracking. Due to the worldwide popularity of its products, counterfeiting was a constant business challenge for our client. By tracking barcodes or product numbers and warranty claims in the system, dealers of our client isolate products that have been manufactured illegally and uses the system data to assist authorities in tracking down the perpetrators.
  • Improved Product Reliability – The client improved product reliability by utilising Priority-ERP solution to push warranty desk claims to its engineering tracking system. Therefore, when a certain product has numerous similar warranty tickets, product engineers are notified immediately through the automated system and can research the cause of the malfunction/breakage. This continuous improvement process helps our client to maintain its market reputation as the industry leader for reliable products.
  • A strong bond with the Partner – With the successful delivery of such a large project by Vedlogic, the partner was extremely happy with results. Vedlogic is now a proud and preferred provider for the partner for all their future Priority ERP related solutions.