August 14, 2018


We understand your business needs at Vedlogic. Once you raise a business inquiry, our team works closely to know your business requirements and the challenges you want to overcome. Our brainstorming sessions look at the root of the trouble and aim to derive the perfect solution. When your business wins, we win with you.

Here are some some of the popular engagement models that fit most of the client requirements. If you think these models do not serve your purpose, we would be happy to work with you to derive a custom model that can meet your business goals.


The Dedicated Team model applies in long-term partnerships with a significant amount of work. The model works best for complex projects, when replacing the developer during the project is not advisable.

The project budget is pre-decided and fixed for different technologies or depending on the level of the skill-set required. This model allows clients to focus on their core business and leave technology management to Vedlogic.

Vedlogic recruits an adept team for the project requirements and handles the specified monthly amount of work. Contracts are signed with Vedlogic team members and their work time is reserved for the client. For such dedicated relationships, we also implement customer-specific quality/process frameworks and teams are trained for the needs of a client. As a usual practice, the hours are tracked and accounted for by Time Sheet Reports with corresponding invoices.

Vedlogic provides clients a team comprising Development Manager, Technical Lead(s), QA Lead, Developer(s), Tester(s), Automation Tester(s), and Technical Support Engineer(s). The team sizes vary depending upon Client budget and amount of work. This is a proven and tested model for the majority of our clients. Vedlogic also provides clients the wisdom of our leadership team’s wider experience.

Reach out to us to know more about the benefits of getting engaged with us on this model.


The Time and Material model is used when the scope of work cannot be specified at the beginning of a project, or for projects where changes need to be made frequently.

The customer and Vedlogic mutually agree on rough project estimation. As the project progresses and the requirements for tasks are clarified, the exact task estimates are made.We offers this engagement model to the clients with a minimum commitment of hours depending upon the prospective benefit to both the client and Vedlogic.

In this plan, the customer pays only for the number of hours worked. These hours are tracked and accounted for by Time Sheet Reports with corresponding invoices. TMM has become popular in recent years because most organisations want to leverage the benefits of working with Agile Methodologies as it helps shorten ‘Go To Market’ time. Also, a majority of organisations want to keep the partnership flexible to tweak project needs as and when required. It is a usual experience that the requirements become clearer to the client as they get implemented.

This model works best for those clients who have an innovative product or ongoing maintenance and require support for their software. With TMM, clients can keep track of hours spent against tasks and can ensure that they are getting productive results from Vedlogic.


The Fixed Price model is optimum to use in projects where all the features are clearly defined and estimated exactly. The total solution cost and delivery date are determined within the agreed scope of project work. The client may request a change in the project scope during the project implementation, this will be mutually agreed upon by the client and Vedlogic and may or may not impact pricing/timelines.

FPM is less popular because most clients wish to remain flexible to change requirements on an ongoing basis. However, this model holds good when a client wants to get the ‘Proof Of Concept’ developed for their project or when a client wishes to create a replica of an existing software.

Projects such as these would have defined requirements and are easy to estimate. Clients also use FPM as an initial stage of engaging with Vedlogic. They would first want to see Vedlogic’s results on initial fixed price project and following its successful delivery, they can decide to go for Fixed Price Model for the full project or keep the partnership flexible and choose Dedicated Team / Team Member option.