August 14, 2018

Mobile Solutions

In today’s progressive technology era, Mobile Solutions are a de facto need for any Enterprise Business to be successful. We help organisations make maximum benefits from Mobile Solutions. We develop mobile device-friendly mobile websites, mobile apps that are very user-friendly, attractive, fast, safe and secure.

Challenges & Approach

Are you confused between Native language v/s Common Frameworks like Angular/React Native/Xamarin?
This is a very common confusion or strategic decision every organisation face when they go for developing Mobile App for multiple platforms. We have the experience of working on Native Implementation both for iOS and Android. We also have experience of working with frameworks like Xamarin, Angular, React Native. These frameworks help to develop a common Mobile App that can be easily be converted to iOS or Android mobile app by retaining the same code version for both platforms. We take a subjective call on which approach to take depending on Client Requirements.
Does your Mobile App effectively cache data?
Mobile Apps should be fast enough and should occupy least space and memory on mobile phones. We follow an approach of caching frequently used data to be on mobile itself rather than make server calls every time. We also ensure that the data that we cache on mobile phones remain secure and can’t be compromised.
Is your Mobile App secure?
Developing secure Mobile Apps is our key expertise. We follow various standards like OWASP, SANS Top 25 and other regulatory compliance to take care of security at every stages of Mobile App Development. The major highlights are as follows:
  • Enforce Strong Authentication & Session Management
  • Encrypt All Data Communications
  • Monitor User Activity
  • Prevent Data Leaks
  • Protect Against Device Theft
  • Data Protection on Mobile Devices by means of encryption and avoid usage of SQL-Lite on Mobile Devices to store any local data on it
  • Data Storage & Privacy
  • Cryptography to be applied at every required stages of Data communication/storage
  • Platform Interaction & SSL/TLS mechanism
  • Code Quality & Build Settings
  • Automated pre-installation verification to check that the mobile is not Jail Broken, Compromised, etc.
Does your Mobile App effectively use bandwidth?
Mobile Apps that use more bandwidth always is treated as a troublemaker by end users and Auto Cleanup tools on mobile phones. If bandwidth availability is limited, mobile apps will respond slower and causes user dissatisfaction. We develop mobile apps that consume bandwidth to the optimum requirement and still provide best performance when used by end user. We also ensure that the mobile app uses the least bandwidth while running in background.
Does your app store sensitive information in local configuration files or databases?
Developers find it is easy and convenient to store information on mobile phone under Files or Database. However, they forget that this leads to big security risk of data getting compromised easy. We follow strict security guidelines and avoid storing data in files on mobile phones and use alternative secure approaches by means of API usage, etc. In case we need to store any data on mobile phones, we use files but we encrypt the data within file so that it cannot be read and used by anyone else. We never use mobile database like SQLite, etc.
Does your Mobile App post exceptions/bugs to your APIs?
Tracking any errors or bugs that happen on mobile apps is an art and requires innovative approaches. Most developers do not pay great attention to this fact and the organisation never know if any errors are being generated on mobile apps when used leaving end users dissatisfied. Developers, on the other hand, never get information from end users on what exact error is occurring because errors/exceptions get thrown in the background on mobile and never reach to server. We develop mobile apps with techniques where every exceptions/bugs get posted to server from the mobile phone either through background process or by providing a better interface to users to post description of what they were trying to do when the bug occurred. It then becomes easy to identify the cause of issues and solve it.
Does your mobile app support skinning?
Skinning/Branding is a common requirement for organisations who provide White-Label Solutions. Many developers do not know the perfect approach on what is the best Architecture and Approach to design mobile apps. They end up developing new mobile apps with fresh coding every time they have to deliver mobile app for new White-Label Client. We are experts in implementing solutions that perfectly cater to White-Label Clients. We provide common code base with supporting CSS and configurations that enables our clients to simply use same code base and generate new deployable mobile app for every new clients.
Does your mobile app support multiple languages?
We have the expertise in Multi-Language implementation for all kind of systems. The mobile app requires a very good architecture while implementing multi-language support. This requires a cautious and sensible approach because it comes with lot of overheads and maintenance issues if it is not properly implemented. We follow structured architecture and approach while developing Multi-Language Mobile Apps that are easy to manage even if the texts/contents keep changing.
Does your mobile app solution support Dynamic UI & Configurations to avoid frequent patching of mobile versions?
This is a common, yet one of the biggest problems faced by most organisations. It always requires the team to upload a new version of the mobile app to Apple/Play Store whenever any minor text change or configuration data change is required. This significantly delays patching because it requires approvals from Apple/Play Store before they go live. We apply innovative approach of developing mobile apps that have Dynamic UI generation and configurations possible from the server itself and does not require any patching to the app stores. This way, when a text/UI/configuration needs changing, majority of them are dealt just by changing parameters on the server.