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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We are committed to respect your privacy and choices.

At Vedlogic, we safeguard personal informationas a token of our commitment to protect the privacy of our visitors. any personal information that you share on our website is kept confidential to our terms and conditions of the privacy policy. Hence you are assured of the protection of all/any private information that you share across our website.Our updated privacy policy brings in the details about all the information that we collect, use and preserve, following all the laws of protecting every personal information shared by any visitor on our website.

Applicable Privacy Policy on Our Domain(S) –

Collected Personal Details –

  • Your name
  • Your Email ID
  • Your mobile number
  • Country where you live in
  • Any other contact information or demographic information.

In case you do not provide us with these details, we may not be able to process your request accordingly. Assured, Vedlogic does not utilize any personal information to take any sort of automation business decisions.

Vedlogic is the controller of the information that you provide to us. We may change the privacy policy orupdate it from time to time in progress to our business requirements and changes. Please keep checking for any issue with any of our new updates, in effect from the time it’s been updated on the website. You can request to review our updated privacy policy at any time or to remove your existing data from our system at any time to your will.

Information Disclosure –

Vedlogic protects your privacy and we do not share any personal information disclosed by you, to any third party by any means, without your consent. In case we need to disclose your personal information for marketing/business purposes beyond the requirement for which it was originally collected, we will take your prior consent for the same. To be noted, the information shared by you will be in use and disclosed within the organization for data processing, and data storage, ensuring that such entities are bound by the contract for the data privacy obligations.

Information Denial/Restricted/Exception of Information –

Vedlogic doesnot ask its visitors to disclose any of the following personal information based on –

  • Regional details based on geography
  • race/racial information
  • Political views/suggestions
  • religious views/suggestions
  • philosophical beliefs and stands
  • genetic/biometric/family details
  • Sexuality/society/any other personal identification-based details
Usability of Your Information –

Vedlogic uses and retains this information shared by you to serve better your personalized website choices and search. we need your data to provide newly updated organizational updates, internal record keeping, analysis, product service offerings, promotions, special offers, or sharing of any other useful information related to business. We may also use the information provided by you for commencing our business market research purposes, including promotional activities that will reach you via email, mobile number or any other personalized contact details you’ve shared over the website.

Cookie Policy & Data Security –

A cookie is a small data element send to your hardware by the website to recognize the same hardware when you return to our website. Ifyouregister yourself online to our website, it shows your prior consent to the applicable use of our data and cookies policy. We place our cookie only with your prior consent and only after you allow us to do so. We use cookies to identify the specific pages and links clicked by the visitor and to figure out the usability and productivity of our services, from time to time.

You can prefer to allow the use of a cookie or decline it whenever you find it not worthy. Use the settings section of your browser to modify the usable cookie in accordance to deny using it for our website.

Utilization of Your Data –

We reserve the right of storing and preserving the data given by you on your website until you notify us of your request to remove it from our system and servers.

In case you find any of the information incorrect or faulty, write to us at and within 72 hours we will reach you back with the corrected details/updates.

We do not disclose/sell/share any of your personal information to any third party without your prior consent and permission. You have the right to view/update/delete/modify the information you’ve to give to us.

In case of any data breach, regardingyour shared personal information/data security/third party data/website database, we will inform you within 72 hours to all the relevant authorities.
Third-Party Links –
Our website contains links to third-party websites as well. Hereby, we notify you that we do not have control over the cookie and other policies of otherwebsites. Vedlogic is not responsible for the disclosure of any personal information shared on any third-party website liked to our website, inany case.
Privacy Policy Update –
Vedlogic hence reserves the right to change/modify/update the privacy policy as per the company’s updates with the business users and proceedings. We request you to keep checking the page from time to time for acknowledging any recent updates on any terms and conditions. however, we will mark an update flag on the top of the website to inform your regarding any update, if it has been made.