August 13, 2018

Product Development

Vedlogic is synonymous with Product Development. Our expertise lies in Product Development, Maintenance & Support of existing products, Re-developing Products or Sub Systems with a modernised approach. We consistently develop software based on client requirements that are stable and secure. Our enthusiastic team of expert software product developers have an average of 7+ years of experience and build software for a range of businesses domains.

Security, Performance, Extensibility, Scalability, Configurability and Best Architecture are integral aspects of our development life cycle. We know the advanced needs of businesses today and we scale the possibilities of a product according to the growing needs and technological advancements. Our innovative ideas and technically-skilled personnel use the most sophisticated technologies while building a product. We leave no stone unturned during the various phases - the initial moulding, development and software development cycle - to ensure that the result is flawless. We assure you a first-class experience while using the software with every automated feature giving you the best user-friendly experience.

Challenges & Approach

Are you trying to build everything in your product or adopt other available solutions?
It is always a challenge for CIOs/CTOs to make a decision on Make OR Buy. Today, many state-of-the-art ready-made components and solutions are available that are implemented by Industry and Domain experts. It is always not necessary or wise to implement such items on your own. Executive teams shall make the right decision for you that best suits your business vision. Vedlogic has vast experience when it comes to such situations and provide your business option that it requires.
Do you struggle between OpenSource v/s Licensed development tools?
Selecting between OpenSource and Licensed Development tools is an obvious challenge that every organisation faces. Vedlogic regularly works with wide range of OpenSource and Licensed tools and knows how to derive a decision by deriving pros/cons matrix for supporting any such decisions.
Is your product designed as generic and does it allow customisation using maximum configurability?
Changes and Customisation are inevitable and it is a continuous process for any business. Sometimes, teams do not implement systems that can cater to the varied needs of different clients by simple means of configurable changes. For example, content changes, feature On/Off, varying data, etc., should not require code changes or new deployments to be done. However, systems should be implemented keeping such configurations in to consideration. However, it also requires a call whether to make particular implementation generic or fixed, this very much depends on organisational needs. Any additional effort is an unnecessary gold plating.
Have you considered integrations with third-parties as generic?
With today’s technology revolutions, integrations are game-changer solutions for any organisation. If not well thought during your system development, an integration can create nightmare situations. Integrations should work just like Plug & Play. We have the expertise in developing solutions that are generic and very easy to integrate with third-parties or within the clients Enterprise systems.
Are the needs of APIs properly defined?
API is talk of the town in IT. But, many organisations fail to derive right strategy to leverage the benefits around APIs. Vedlogic has dealt with APIs for years and is perfectly placed to help clients on defining API strategies and developing best solutions to meet their business needs of developing simple Web APIs to Complex API Product Suites.

Vedlogic has developed API solutions for several organisations. Our API development includes various standards like RESTful, SOAP, OAuth2, Open API 3.0. We develop APIs that meet high security standards and are well structured to manage and control, configure and secure. They are convenient for logging, monitoring, backward compatibilities and is scalable, extensible, re-usable and most importantly documented perfectly.
Have you considered required automation for deployments and testing practices?
In recent years, a lot of advancement has happened in Automation techniques, be it Automated System Deployments or Automated Testing. However, organisations still stick to traditional Manual Deployments / Manual Testing that leads to a lot of overheads and wasted effort. CI (Continuous Integration)/CD (Continuous Deployment) are the key requirements to remain agile and if adopted well it can help organisations be on top of their game. Our teams have hands on experience on both Automation Deployments and Automation Testing. We have helped many clients cut down their Deployment, Testing cycles and brought a lot of benefits to their business.
Do your interfaces/UIs support white-labeling?
White-labeling is an approach to customise application in quick and easier way, in which broad business processes remain same and some cosmetic and ergonomic changes can create a whole new brand of application. White-labeling is a must for multi tenant or SaaS based applications. With the development of many while-labeled applications, we can better implement white-labeling feature to your application’s UI/Interface.
Have you considered future compliance while developing your product?
Mobile and computer revolutions are the best examples of a fast-changing world. Nobody would have thought that the a mobile phone from today is a powerful computer from the previous decade with touch screen that fits into your hands. Nowadays, it is a de facto standard that your applications should work on mobile platforms as well. Futuristic vision and compliance should be considered for any application to remain relevant. We can integrate IoTs with Enterprise Solutions as well.
Do you have right mixture of agile and waterfall model for delivery cycle?
Agile is a new buzzword and it is applicable in any industry but instead of blindly following Agile methodology from traditional approaches is sometimes harmful. A blend of Agile with traditional methodology like Waterfall, sometimes achieve better performance and goals. We at Vedlogic call it Wagile and do it effortlessly. Our custom delivery cycles has significantly reduced the time to go to market for clients.
Does your product support dual authorisation as well as necessary audit trail?
For any compliance application, it is must to have audit trails for sensitive information to track if the changes are done by authorised users. Sensitive information is normally protected with an authorisation mechanism such as a password and if the password is compromised then entire system will be compromised. To avoid such havoc, the system should be protected with dual authorisation, that is password plus security mechanism like OTP on mobile or email. We provide consultation on security to tech-savvy organisations.
Does your product support dynamic workflows or BPM (Business Process Management)?
In an ever changing world, even organisational hierarchies are dynamic and change from time to time to accommodate internal and external factors. Workflows of approvals or BPMs needs to be dynamic without losing past data/information. Applications should allow an administrator or end user to modify existing workflows or create new workflows to accommodate business needs based on dynamic conditions. Vedlogic develops applications from scratch with flexible workflow or can integrate third-party workflow library like Microsoft Flow or Pipefy.
Does your product development roadmap cover vital need of documentation?
For any product, documentation is a key. Many organisations neglect documentation and struggle to pass the knowledge to their own team and their clients. This becomes an obstacle on selling product offerings to their clients. However, documentation needs subjective approach on what to document and what can be waived. We help clients to derive documentation strategy and roadmap. We help them adopt the right documentation strategy for various types of systems as one strategy does not fit all. We possess knowledge around tools, techniques, best practices for preparing System, Technical documentation.
Does your technical team play an important role in product management?
Many organisations miss out on inclusion of Technology team for Product Management strategies. In today’s industry, majority of the products heavily rely on technologies and with that consideration, any negligence on technology inclusion can be suicidal to the business. At Vedlogic, we never count Developers just as DOers, we treat them as key participants to the success of Product not just as programmers but as a contributor. We always believe in keeping Technical Roadmap parallel to Product Functions Roadmap for the organisation. Technical Roadmap should include minimum of Technology Innovations that can help add new offering to Product Suite, Continuous Improvement of Systems performance, Quality, Security, Technical Compliances and many more.
Does everyone on your team have good domain knowledge?
Having worked with many products in the industry, one thing we have learnt is that Domain knowledge is the key, be it a Developer, Tester or any other role. We always focus on gaining domain knowledge for the projects we work on. We ensure that everyone on our team is an expert through knowledge sharing sessions and various other innovative initiatives.
Do you face difficulties of retaining experts?
Retaining a talent is a critical challenge faced by today’s management and keeping additional manpower sucks the company revenue. Vedlogic comes as a saviour to such clients. We have pool of SMEs for many business domains and technology experts who can become expert on your systems quite quickly. Vedlogic has a proven history of retaining expert staff for long years by providing them best growth along with job satisfaction.
Do you face issues of longer downtime for your systems during deployments for releases?
With increased releases due to Agile approach, system patches happen quite often. Lack of structured approach of performing deployments, makes the duration of system maintenance longer and keeps systems unavailable for end users. No business would like this user experience. We have good experience with tools & techniques that can help clients reduce deployment times and also to keep systems downtime to the minimum.
Is FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis) is considered for any error?
In a realistic world the errors in application are natural and most of the time it is very annoying. However, better application makes the effect of error so negligible such that user may not be aware of the problem that occurred, that is FMEA is applied to smoothen the functional behaviour in critical situation. We have qualified technicians, who identify and re-engineer the problematic areas and make applications to work well even during critical situations.
Do you face performance issues because your systems have slowed down?
This is the biggest problem we hear most of the time from System Users or Clients. It is very easy to develop an initial system and attract higher number of users because your business provides good facility. However, as the customer base increases, system performance becomes a vital factor for business’s continued success. We have helped many clients to improvise their system performance as we have all the skills, tools and techniques to detect which area of the system has a problem and we know best on how to fix them.
Do you have quality issues due to bad code produced by your team?
Processes can easily be identified by the quality of code written by development team. Better-quality processes have organised and optimised codes and is easy to maintain for long. Experts at Vedlogic develop better code than the set industry standards and get involved in industry guideline definition. This has helped organisations overcome many challenges.