Recruitment CRM

Business Challenges

Our client, a leading provider of Recruitment Services in the UK had a brilliant business idea to simplify the recruitment process for managing and booking of temporary staff within the UK. Many IT Software/Platforms were available in the market, but none were able to meet specific needs of temporary staff recruitment, specifically for doctors, nurses, dentist recruitment and teachers recruitment for schools. The client was using a legacy system with some good features. They wanted to upgrade to a new system incorporating the best features of the old and develop a new features to achieve the vision of the business concept. Once the new system would be developed, they would want to stop using the legacy system and migrate all of its data to the new system.

The client had decided to develop a state-of-the-art software to achieve the vision. However, like any other good business idea, the key challenge was to prove the idea right and then take it forward to achieve the long-term goals derived under the vision.

The other challenges were small cash flow availability, secrecy of the concept, putting best technology and skills into place to create the right product.

An important challenge was that the client was not sure of the full scope of the work because they wanted to evolve the product as they went forward. This meant they could go for a fixed price project for their business idea.

Business Solution

The client hired Vedlogic as an outsourcing partner with a view to developing a system that can act as a proof of concept for the business idea. Firstly, a non-disclosure and non-competence agreement was made between the client and Vedlogic as it cleared the issue of concept secrecy. As there was no fixed scope of work defined we entered a Time and Material (T&M) contract. During the initial period the concept of the current legacy system was shared and explored by the team.

On mutual agreement, Microsoft Technologies were chosen for this product development.

For the initial two years, our client’s technical director continued working with Vedlogic team members with no other technology members at the client's end. The client also added a new team member at Vedlogic, who was to be responsible to maintain and support any development for the legacy system of the client.

Client management continued to demonstrate the working product of the new system to their prospective clients and after around 2.5 years of the gestation period, they could get the client(s) on board for using the new system. They also worked with their existing clients to migrate them to using new systems. The Vedlogic team worked very hard on this and helped the client to have this data and system migration completed smoothly.

As system got matured, the client continued to add new features and enhancements to the system. They also added more technical team members at management level and for support too. During this period, the client was successful in penetrating the UK market as they had one of the key desired and cracked big deals with reputed clients.

As the scope of the product was expanding, we suggested to our client for automated testing and it was agreed upon to strengthen the automated testing team size and skills with new tools and technologies. Team size was increased, and the new team was responsible to develop a test automation framework that could be used for building Automation Test Scripts to test the product for its regression testing.

Collaboration has been a key focus between the client and Vedlogic. Frequent visits of UK/India members across offices are done so that both teams can know each other well and can bring better synergy between both teams.

In a nutshell, we have a healthy and win-win situation with our client in T&M contract.

Business Results

  • The Client could develop a prototype system as per their vision in the planned time frame, with the right quality, cost, secrecy maintained.
  • The client got benefits of better skills with lower cost by means of outsourcing work to Vedlogic. LMS also got Vedlogic management’s constructive participation as a value addition to their ongoing work.
  • The client could develop the product within a limited budget but with right quality as they desired.
  • With increased team at Vedlogic, Client can leverage more work done for ongoing needs. Also, with expert skills added to Vedlogic team, Client can adopt new technology and implement them to the product very quickly and productively