July 21, 2018


A professional and technical offshore partner for Salesforce CRM

We are cloud natives. Vedlogic uses modern tools and platforms to benefit your business. Developing solutions on cloud platforms allow us to go from idea to proof of concept to production in days or weeks.

If you are looking for a power-packed, scalable and a secure cloud-based CRM solution that provides a platform for extensibility, then all your expectations can be realised with Vedlogic’s Salesforce CRM consulting team. Salesforce CRM and Force.com platform offer an extraordinary software platform and Vedlogic enables you to explore their platform to the fullest. Our Force.com consulting experience and technical expertise can help you to speed up the solution implementation process and cut cost.

We can become your trusted partner in:

  • Salesforce Configuration
  • Custom UI/UX designing (includes Dashboard and Report Development)
  • Apex & Visualforce Development
  • Package Integration
  • Mobile app development/customization
  • Integration with other existing business applications using APIs and other custom integrations
  • Salesforce Platform migration from Classic to Lightning
  • Migrating from and to with other CRM Solutions

Salesforce Solutions & Consulting

Salesforce CRM enables businesses of any size to manage every aspect of the customer lifecycle. Vedlogic has the finest experience of data integration solutions in the industry specifically designed to integrate Salesforce CRM and Force.com platform with your databases and applications.

These solutions enable your company to ensure data accuracy, improve business decisions and operations, and derive maximum value from your Salesforce investment.

We know where exactly to strike the iron.

At Vedlogic, you can confidently hand over your Business Applications to the Best Salesforce Experienced Consultants and Architects. We ensure that your company benefits by utilising the Salesforce CRM tools to its complete potential. We do so by offering the best solutions, consulting and implementation assistance. Our services include custom development and remote support to anywhere in the world making it as easy as possible for you to share and manage business information.

We build enterprise-class applications on Force.com's powerful on-demand platform. Deliver all your company's business applications in a single environment with one data model, one sharing model, and one user interface. The Force.com platform provides rich development, testing and deployment capabilities to deliver business applications as a service on the cloud and we leverage it to the best to meet our client needs. We ensure that you are making the perfect use of Salesforce, thereby eliminating redundancy.

We follow an agile development methodology and lay emphasis on processes and transparency at all stages of execution.

Salesforce.com Integration Services

We integrate Salesforce with your other business critical systems such as ERP solutions, so that your users get a seamless experience on a single platform. This saves users the trouble of having to master other systems. We integrate Salesforce with:

  • Cloud-to-cloud integration
  • Data integration
  • Cloud-to-On-Premises software integration
  • Functional system integration (ERP, accounting, and other systems)
  • Social tools integration (LinkedIn, Chatter, Facebook)
  • Application integration

Salesforce.com Customization Services

If you need to adopt Salesforce functionality to your company’s existing processes and workflows or improve them to make them more efficient and effective, we will help you customise your Salesforce experience. We can customise and personalise your existing Salesforce CRM solution according to your business needs. Our experienced consultants provide the fastest way to build custom cloud apps and websites.

Salesforce.com Implementation Services

If you are new to Salesforce CRM, or an existing struggling customer waiting to see a return on business investment, we have a quick and fast CRM implementation Solution. We provide Faster CRM Implementations with Salesforce.com and our consultants map solutions that address each of your unique needs and accelerate business processes and productivity. Our solutions are designed for small and medium-size business customers and pilot implementations.

Salesforce Administration & Remote Support

The power of Administration facilities provided by Salesforce are the best in business. We have helped several clients achieve their business needs just by using administrative tools and configurations rather than requiring them to have custom development done. This saves a lot of time and cost for clients. As a general practice, after successful implementation, you can receive constant support from our dedicated Salesforce support team.

Support and administration expertise is critical to the continued success and wider adoption of any Salesforce.com implementation for the business. In comparison to other applications, Salesforce.com application is relatively simple and easy to use and basic configurations can be managed by day-to-day users as well.
However, as a Small and Medium Business (SMB) owner you have a business to run and your sales teams have revenue targets to deliver against. Managing and administering the Salesforce.com application is not a competency that you may wish to focus on. On such occasions, you can fully rely on our experts that are all Salesforce certified and capable to deliver the highest quality services regarding support and maintenance of your Salesforce application.

Our expertise:

  • We have certified Salesforce Administrators and developers to provide the right solution to our valuable customers
  • Expert Apex and Visualforce developers
  • We have software development teams that contains experts on Microsoft.Net framework, Java, Mobile App Development, RESTful API Geeks, SQL Developers and Database Administrators. This additional expertise within our organisation makes us equipped to meet challenges that are outside the scope of Salesforce.
  • Our team also carries decades of experience on working with industry’s leading CRM/ERP systems and have a stronghold on developing/customising custom CRM and ERP systems.
  • Our Testing Excellence Center is another feather in our hat. We always focus on the delivering best quality output to our clients and our testing teams play a key role to achieve this goal.
  • We have a vast experience in Project Management and industry standard process models. This helps us to deliver projects of all sizes and complexities smoothly.


  • Optimized cloud strategy and roadmap to focus on core competencies
  • Flexible transformation with seamless integration experience
  • Reliable and cost-effective strategy
  • Agile transformation and application development
  • Adaptability to changing the business environment
  • Elasticity by providing enterprises the right amount of resources at the right places in a right time

Why Vedlogic?

  • One-stop solution for everything related to Salesforce
  • Pool of experts
  • Project Delivery Excellence
  • Consulting Division to help you meet business needs with best solutions and optimum costs spent
  • Constant engagement with clients for strategic alignment on ongoing basis, this helps to fine tune solutions & vision to keep achieving goals
  • Enterprise-grade solutions and services from conceptualizations to customer support
  • Operational efficiency by leveraging capabilities of development, testing and deployment of custom applications